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New Car Financing Tips/guidelines?

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New Car Financing Tips/guidelines?

Hello everyone.  I'm getting close to applying for new car financing.  I've already chose a vehicle worked the price and all.  All that's left is to sign.  I've got around $25,000 that could be used towards the purchase price.  Any tips on how to proceed?  I know some lenders/banks give better rates if you have a certain account with them, or have a certain amount of money in the account.  MyFICO or FAKO from here  is roughly 680-700.  


I have been a USAA member(non-military) for roughly 7 years. I have a checking account with them $100 balance left haven't used the checking acct in years.

I have a CHASE credit cards (Chase Sapphire Pref 5k limit).  Had a checking account a  couple years ago but closed it.


Which are the better credit unions?


Any tips on boosting the score?


Sorry for all the questions

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