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PenFed Refinance Questions


PenFed Refinance Questions

I have a quick question for anyone that has been approved for penfed autoloans or have experience is there anything penfed is looking for Right now I have about 2years and 6 months of credit history no new account or inquires within last 1 year 4 months and I have 5 credit cards and 1 installment loan and 1 autoloan which Im trying to refinance my utilization is around 30%

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Re: PenFed Refinance Questions

PenFed usually looks for 2-4 years of perfect payment history as far as current auto loans on your record are concerned. A strong payment history is necessary and a low CU is a must although the specifics are more than sketchy. That is the basic straightline of the matter. A buddy of mine got denied with a CU of 5 percent while on the other hand, I tried for the same deal and got approved for $50,000 at 1.99 percent for 5 years. My CU was 15 percent. The only difference was that my buddy had a BofA charge off on an auto loan from 3 years ago.

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