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Refinance... Need TU puller

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Refinance... Need TU puller

I just received 2 loans from HONDA.  One for 15k @ 10.99% for a motorcycle about 3 months ago and the other for 31k @ 7% for an autol oan last month.  HONDA is a TU puller here in Florida.  When I applied for the motorcycle my score was 674 and when I applied for the car it was 693.  The auto enhanced score added about 30 points.  My FICO from TU is currently 760, so probably about 790 when auto enhanced.  Do you think I should ask HONDA to review my interest rate or does anyone know another TU puller here in Florida that I could refinance with?
Thanks for any info

Starting Score: 766
Current Score: 766
Goal Score: 800

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