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I am in the process of trying to refinance my auto loan. The loan is for a basic Dodge Journey SE 2018. I got it 4/1/19 for $22,360 at 21.4% interest for 72 months making my monthly payments $542. I have an offer from my back to refinance $22,475 at 12% interest for 60 months making my payment $500-$504 a month. Is this a good deal?

They pulled my TransUnion which is 660. Old repossession, new auto loan, over 30 hard pull inquiries, 20% utilization, old Verizon collection, and old Comcast internet collection.
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Re: Refinancing

Seems like it. 12% is still high, but way better than what you have now, and not terrible considering you have a repo. Who is the new lender?

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