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Self-Employed & foreign income

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Self-Employed & foreign income

I've been self-employed for the last 5 years, and the last 3 years I've been living in Germany doing IT contract work.

I am about to move back to the states (TX) and want to buy a new car right away and finance it. I am thinking $5k down on a $30k car.

I've read they will want to see my tax returns for the last 2 years because I am self-employed. My tax returns and Schedule C's show good income ($130k - $160k) and my FICO is around 730 when I checked earlier this year.

The things is, the income on those tax returns was earned while living overseas. Will it matter? Any thoughts?




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Re: Self-Employed & foreign income

The income from the tax returns is good and the down payment will help but are you going to be able to prove a continued source of income when you come back? I would guess that a statement that you are continuing as self employed with an expectation of X income will be enough since you have a track record and good credit scores. I think there is some challenge in getting the loan but nothing that a decent F&I guy can't overcome.

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