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Vehicle price on application


Vehicle price on application

Does it have to be the exact price of the vehicle? Or would an estimate suffice? And when I put the vehicle price it is the full amount correct? Not just the amount remaining after the down payment.


I ask this because on the applications they ask for vehicle price but I still am not 100% sure. The price ranges from 35,000 to about 47,000. I was not sure what vehicle price to put.

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Re: Vehicle price on application

Put the amount you want to finance, round up and include tax, tag, and title fees.

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Re: Vehicle price on application

Some places will allow you a bit of wiggle room given how things could change at the dealership (negotiation, sales that just started or ended, etc.) For example, I applied for $15,000 with Alliant and they approved me for $15,000 but said they could go up to 90% of the clean retail value on or 90% of the sales price before taxes and fees are added, whichever is less - Since the former was $20,525, they would be willing to loan up to $18,472.50. I ended up needing $15,893 since I overestimated how much I'd be able to negotiate off at the dealership.


That said, this was my first auto loan and I'm unsure how many other places have that rule, so you may want to check first.

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