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What would be markup for a new car

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What would be markup for a new car

Hey All,


I am now in the market and shopping for a new car.

Could you please tell me how much of percentage markup for a new car with MSRP $23000.


The car I am interested in(with some additions/customizations) comes to be $25000, how much do you think the dealership can sell it for?


Thanks in advance,


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Re: What would be markup for a new car

Dealerships will try to sell it for as much as they can. Bid them against each other and you would be suprised at the price you get. Also try and it will show what they particular car is going for in your area.

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Re: What would be markup for a new car

Never pay MSRP, which means ---never, never pay more than MSRP---.


Most cars can be purchased for thousands under MSRP. Sometimes more than 20% off msrp for harder to sell vehicles.

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