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Who does Lexus pull?.

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Who does Lexus pull?.

Thinking of leasing a 2019 LX570, who do they pull?. Anyone have previous experience?.
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Re: Who does Lexus pull?.

Well, back in June 2016, they "shopped" around and I wound up with 4 total pulls (3 on Experian and 1 on TU):

  • Auto Financing by Lexus (Lexus Financial Services) double pulled: Experian and then TU the next day.
  • Bank of America Auto Financing (Experian)
  • Wells Fargo Dealer Services (Experian)

Good luck on getting that LX570 - nice SUV!!! 


BTW, if you have the Lexus Pursuits Visa (Comenity), they allowed up to $5K of your payment (add-ons, service contracts, etc.) to be put on the card.


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