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Who uses Equifax FICO Auto 9

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Who uses Equifax FICO Auto 9

Hello everyone!


Been lurking here for a while, and finally decided to join. I also signed up for my reports and score as I continue to work on my credit, which thankfully has been steadily improving over the past year. I have gotten some good information from the reports and scores, and am hoping to use that to my advantage.


That being said, I am in the market for a new car unfortunately so it is what it is. My scores are better with the new FICO 9 score, especially with Equifax and Auto 9 where it is at a 733. So, I would love to take advantage of that score to try and get as good a rate as I can. So.....has anyone had experience with some lenders that use EQ FICO Auto 9? I see a lot about PenFed and DCU, what do they use?


I have done things like the Cap One Auto Navigator in the past to get an idea, and am pre-qualified through them for a rate anywhere between 6%-9%, but would love to try and beat that if I could.



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Re: Who uses Equifax FICO Auto 9

PenFed uses FICO 9. I don't know specifically for auto loans, but it is worth a call.

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Re: Who uses Equifax FICO Auto 9

US Bank and 5th / 3rd Bank use Equifax Auto 9 


With your score where it is and if you are not at a very high LTV (Loan to Value) I would say you would get the best rate at US Bank and easily beat the rate shown by Cap One.  

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