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BK - 7.5 years old now

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BK - 7.5 years old now

Hey Guys,


My BK was filed in Oct. 2008 and discharged in January of 2009. Is it true that I could be able to request that they are taken off the credit reports 6 months before the 10 year discharge mark? The nightmare is almost over and i'm dying to app for and receive a Ritz Carlton card! It's my last and final goal besides to obtain an 800 score which I think will happen once they are remonved.


Any help would b greatly appreciated.



EX - 751 EQ - 732 TU - 752
Over $200k in revolving credit lines
10% Overall UTI
BK Discharge Jan 2009
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Re: BK - 7.5 years old now

If I were you, I'd definitely try! 

From what I've read, TU is the most lenient. Some have had success at 6 months. 

As for EX and EQ, I've seen success at 90 to 30 days. 


Keep us us posted on your results! 

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