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Bankruptcy Reporting Questions

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Bankruptcy Reporting Questions

Hello all!  I'm expecting my discharge next week sometime since objections to discharge are due 7/13. I'm confused however about how things should be reporting on my credit. Currently, when looking at my score on myfico, My Equifax is 650 which i'm very happy about! However, my transunion and experian scores are 550 and 567 respectively.  

For example

One of my accounts is listed like this

                                     Equifax                 Transunion             Experian

Payment Status        IIB                           Unrated                  Debt included in or discharged through chapter 7

Worst Delinquency   None                      None                       Charge Off/Other Derog

Credit Limit                -                              $320                        $320


My question is, what should be showing? Are my TransUnion and Experian lower because of this extra information they are reporting? I'm just so confused! I've never had three scores that were so different! I recently had my credit ran at a dealership and they saw my scores as 605 and the other two in the 400s. They were also confused about variance in scores, with the finance manager saying "I've never seen that before". 

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Re: Bankruptcy Reporting Questions

Each account that was IIB should be reporting as follows:

$0 balance, IIB (somewhere), and nothing negative showing after your FILE date.
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