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Being BK

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Being BK

Hi folks,


I was moved by someone who recently posted about the stigma of bankruptcy, and thought about all that I've gone through in the past year. So this is like an Ode to BK7, or "what BK means to me" but I'm thinking, this is life as a BKer.


What about you?

Being BK


  • Fretting about ruining your life, as you think about filing
  • Getting over it and making the responsible choice
  • Throwing your CCs, your babies, in the shredder
  • Starting fresh with new opportunities
  • Learning how credit works
  • Learning how to better budget
  • Losing sleep between filing and the 341
  • Sleeping soundly post-341
  • Checking PACER for DC
  • Appreciating patience and perseverance
  • Learning acronyms
  • Knowing the difference between SPs and HPs
  • Joining thousands like you in the myFICO fam
  • Gaining gobs of info from endless myFICO forum scanning
  • Monitoring CSs
  • Fighting stigma
  • Getting rejected
  • Helping others
  • Ponying up cash to secure a CC or two
  • Paying AFs just to get on the credit playing field
  • Cancelling said AFs when rebuilding takes off
  • Mood swinging between astonishment when a CC IIB lets you back in, and despair when a CC that likes everyone else gives you no luv
  • Swimming in the subprime pool
  • Discovering you’re on a blacklist
  • Treating creditors like a room full of love affairs , from the scorned lovers who have “long” memories of your Bk-betrayal, to those who judge you without knowing you when you don’t prequal, to those who knock themselves over to bedazzle you with countless predatory preapprovals
  • Finding out that AMEX can be paid back and you might get back in
  • Getting CAP 1 the day after DC
  • Entreating miss disco’s jealousy and capriciousness patiently
  • Languishing in bucketed cards
  • Refreshing credit karma/experian/myFICO every week, day, hour, 10 minutes
  • Seeking the post-BK CC holy grail: the no AF, 0% BT, cashback rewards, high SL, unsecured, rebuilder card (but then that’s why you rebuildin’)
  • Lurking then contributing
  • Wondering when your CLI ship comes in
  • Recons and back door numbers
  • Getting CU luv
  • Not worrying about chase’s 5/24 rule ‘cuz you IIB them
  • Letting it sink in that this is a marathon not a race
  • Depending on YMMV as a measure of risk
  • Obsessing about scores
  • Struggling to meet AZEO with your rebuilder cards
  • Reading your CRs and wishing you had done things differently knowing what you know now
  • Gloating that you now manage your credit better than most others do, and better than you ever did
  • Graduating
  • Staring at the far off horizon when Bk drops off
  • Understanding you’re in control and this is all manageable, important, and temporary
  • Realizing it’s just credit and not your whole life
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Re: Being BK


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Re: Being BK

Spot on..... 

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