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BofA denied application after BK dropped off- Question

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BofA denied application after BK dropped off- Question

So my BK FINALLY dropped off of all three credit bureaus last month.

My scores are all above 800 and I have zero debt and FINALLY about $60k in available credit on 5 cards (including the new one below)


I applied for a Chase card (Chase had been included in my BK) and was approved for $24k limit.


I then tried to apply for a BofA card. It didn't give me an immediate decline but then 10 days later I got a letter saying that because one or more BofA accounts had been closed by the bank (included in BK) I was not eligible.


Now I know Amex does do this but I did not know BofA did the same. Amex can be for maaaany years, often forever. But what are your experiences with BofA? Is it a "forever" decline? Product-specific decline?


And are there any other banks that do the same?



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Re: BofA denied application after BK dropped off- Question

I burned BofA in my Chapter 7 for about 5K.   Somewhere around 3 years post-filing I applied for their secured $500 card.   I held it until graduation (can't remember how long) and when it graduated immediately asked for a CLI and got a limit of 5K.   Since then they have refused all CLI requests but I'm happy to have the card and be back in.

BofA, like Wells Fargo, is very focused on your other relationships with the bank, so they want to see your checking, savings, and perhaps brokerage accounts with them too.


Good luck.

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Re: BofA denied application after BK dropped off- Question

@philip369Did you call for reconsideration? They might auto decline with a prior IIB but approve if call and explain things, especially your Chase approval. But as someone with 2 BoA cards their CCs aren't anything special.


I included a BoA card for $9k in my 2010 BK and went the secured card route, but after 10 years an the BK fallen off I doubt if you want to go through that hassle.


As for "And are there any other banks that do the same?" - Yes, Citi Bank. I included a couple of their cards in BK. Their co-branded cards - Best Buy, Home Depot, etc. - are a different division from their own cards. I've had a Best Buy MC and have a Sears MC, so I decided to try for their Simplicity card - instant denial, letter arrived and said "unsatisfactory prior experience".

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Re: BofA denied application after BK dropped off- Question

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your reply.

I did not but thanks for the suggestion... I guess I will try. I only was interested in the Air France card because of the annual segment credits... totally I agree though, their cards-- and above all, the bank in general-- are total cr*p. Glad we bailed them out........ (?)

Very much appreciate your reply.

Best regards

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