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Burned Navy Fed

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Burned Navy Fed

When I filed my chapter 13 one year ago, I included navy fed and burned them for about 4k, not including the auto loan I kept with them and continuing to pay on through my plan. I wish I never burned them because they are by far the best CU out there. However, I know nfcu doesn't have a short memory and I believe them told me 7 years before they even look at me again, but I wanted to know that if I offered to pay them back, will they let me in sooner than 7 years?
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If you pay them back they will give you credit again.   T...

If you pay them back they will give you credit again.   They are very forgiving if they get their money back.   Have read many examples on these forums over the years.

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Re: Burned Navy Fed

Very good to hear. I'll be paying them back next year then.
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