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Capital One ????

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Capital One ????

I applied for a capital one , and got the 7-10 message, that i get everytime and they dont even pull my credit. I tried reconing it and they said they would look into it and i would get a letter and i never did. So today i tried applying for the secured card, and got the 7-10 message . I dont understand I am 8 months post BK i have a lease, 2 other crappy cards, even got approved for a 1,000 target card after i burned them.. I got a kohls one that i know is from capital one... anyone else have trouble getting back in with capital one? 

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Re: Capital One ????

if you burned them in bk, you may be blacklisted.


time will change your status.  some people have to wait 6 months, some wait 12 months.


call them.  they tell some people the actual date.


I burned them 2 years ago.  look below.

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Re: Capital One ????

Matt. When was your cap 1 accounts charge off or closed ? What was the moth and year
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Re: Capital One ????

I'm blacklisted as well, almost 2 months post bk. I only have credit one. No one else would approve me. My scores are EQ 599 TU 551 and EX 581 respectively

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Re: Capital One ????

Capital One forgives everyone.  They is a lender that does not have a long memory of your past.  Give it some more time.  I got in after 6 months of being discharged.  However for some it has taken even longer.  I got in with Barclay's before Capital One.  Yes at the current moment you is blacklisted but that won't last too much longer.  It is not the end of the world.  


You will get back in with them. I was frustrated with them as well when they would not approve me.  Then one day on a whim, I applied and I was approved.  I have three cards with them.  

Thank you for the wealth of knowledge I have learned from these forums. I am logging off as of November 9, 2022. I wish everyone great success.
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Re: Capital One ????

If they aren't pulling your credit, you are definitely blacklisted. I know I was blacklisted with Barclay's and got in about a year post filing. Capital One let us back in 4 months post discharge or about 7 months after filing. Patience is always difficult when rebuilding. Good luck!

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Re: Capital One ????

Am I correct in assuming the blacklist period begins when Capital One charged off your debt?


I'd have to look again, but I think for me that was in 3/2014.

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Re: Capital One ????

3/14 or 3/15 ? If it was 3/14 you should of been good at 3/15 if it was 3/15 you should be good at 3/16. It's always a year after cap 1 closes/charges off you card that's way people get approved diferent dates post discharged but what there not looking at is when there account was closed or charged off
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Re: Capital One ????

From what I can gather, the standard blacklist is 1 year if you included Capital One, however it is less for some, even those that did include them in their bk. However, I'm not sure if that's 1 year from discharge or 1 year from filing date. 

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Re: Capital One ????

I guess it depends, I have had a secured card with them for a year now. Have payed on time and have had no problems. My scores have also improved to 610,607,600 since then and i still cant get the prequalify offer on the website. I know i still may get approved but i dont want to waist a hp which is why i am waiting to be prequalified.

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