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Chapter 7


Re: Chapter 7

Its free but says charges 10 cents per page but I believe it is billed quaterly with like $30 free..

It shows all documents in your case it is public record

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Re: Chapter 7

Congrats on getting the ball rolling. The time will fly by. I filed in February now I am just awaiting discharge. Like the above stated pacer is a great tool. You can follow your process and see any documents filed.

Chapter 7 filed 2/3
Discharged 6/30

Fico 8
EQ 681 TU 671 Ex 665
Fico 4 TU 690 Fico 5 702 Fico 2 693
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Re: Chapter 7

Another update!


COVID has slowed down the process a little bit (we are in New York) but the filing fee and signed paperwork were dropped off Thursday. With the holiday, we are anticipating an official filing this week.


I cannot wait to tell creditors we have filed so the phone calls stop!

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Re: Chapter 7

Excellent. Any time now. New beginings

My posts are JMHO. My siggy is not to brag at all. Just sharing my experiences after learning here from rebuild to recovery after BK DC @ 540's. Help fellow members accomplish the rebuild when you do it right and play the FICO Credit Game.
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Re: Chapter 7

We are officially filed as of yesterday, May 27! There is a huge sense of relief already!


When should I check our scores for "starting" score? Today before the bankruptcy reports to the bureaus or wait until the bankruptcy is showing? After the bankruptcy is discharged and everything updated? Thanks in advance for your guidance.

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Re: Chapter 7

Pretty much I wouldn't worry about your scores until after DC and you ensure your reports are accurate. Until then, they are gonna have more ups and down and curly cues than a roller coaster that can get a fighter pilot sick. Accounts will update with the BK. Then follow up with the change in balance. Others could zero out your balance before noting the BK. Some might just stay as they are until after discharge and then you have to get them updated. As of now, don't worry about your score. Just breathe a sigh of relief that it is officially kicked off. 

30 day post DC
60 days post DC
94 days post DC


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