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Chapter13 but not yet in a confirmed plan.

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Chapter13 but not yet in a confirmed plan.

OK, im wondering if anyone has ideas help for my situation.

I filed BK in July 2018, but case has been delayed due to taxes not filed. So i am 13 payments made into a 5 year plan anyway while waiting on confirmation. I filed to save my house that has 70K equity. Today im doing well financially but cant raise enough to pay off my mortgage and avoid the CH13. I have $7,000 and need $21,000. After seeing how much im paying my attorney and trustee in plan i want to pay my mortgage up and avoid the 4 years left. My case gets confirmed or dismissed Nov 17th.

Questions are can i refi house to pay off arrearage? Would any Bank loan me 15K to pay it off.

My girlfriend has 700 credit, can she do anything loan wise to pay the mortgage up?



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Re: Chapter13 but not yet in a confirmed plan.

I also have around $4,000 being held in limbo in the plan held by trustee. I would get that back if case gets dismissed but is there anyway to get it back to help pay off my mort arrearages. I know the 2nd case is dismissed mort company Penny Mac will add $2,000 in fees. 

4 times before ch13 i requested reinstatement numbers any they added $2,000 or more in fees all 4 times.

Penny are an investment company so they mainly buy mortgages with intent to foreclose and resale.

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Re: Chapter13 but not yet in a confirmed plan.

Also most what im paying in the paln is my arrearages my current mort and truck payment. Im just trying to avoid the long term plan and i am paying trustee $130 month and attorney $4500 max aloud plus $25 monthly monitoring.

 So its like $13,000 goes to attorney and trustee. My monthly is $1595


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