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Chpt 13 paid

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Chpt 13 paid

So I have been a lurker for a while now, finally signed up.

I filed Cpt 13 in 2015 after a disasterous relationship where I maxed out all my CC and fell 2 months behind.  100% payoff, as I made way too much for Cpt 7 & I wanted to keep my townhome and vehicles.  No debt other than the CC and Mortgage, but I wasn't making a dent in the CC payments.  One CC didn't file a claim and the payment plan was reduced.  The payment plan was ~1/3 of the minimum payments.Well last month I paid off the payment plan a year early.  I had an automatic withdrawal into a saving account to money away for an emergency, since I would be without credit.  I didn't watch this account grow so I wouldn't be temped.  After my last tax refund, I looked at the balance and it was ~4 months of take home pay, which was more than what was left in the payment plan.


Called the lawyer to discuss early payoff and he sent me the amount.  Spent ~3/4 of the savings to payoff, took the class and the lawyer filed the paperwork.  Now its just a waiting game.

About 2 years ago, my car was totaled and I got a new car with the insurance paying over half the cost of a new car and the trustee approved me to get a loan for the remainder.


I have credit monitoring through WF bank, but about 6 months ago, they could no longer calculate a score because of lack of credit reporting.  Pulled a free report, and the car loan wasn't shown and the mortgage hadn't reported since I filed BK. 


Is this normal for them not to report during BK?  Before it stopped giving me a score, the WF credit score was 640.

I have 3 years left on the car loan.  I could use the BK payment plus the car loan payment to pay the loan off in 6 months.  But is that a good idea for rebuilding?  The difference in payment between 6 months and 3 more years is ~$1,000.

I don't have CC secured or unsecured.  My only credit is the car and mortgage.  I am assuming the morgage will start reporting again and I will see my WF credit score again, and see it climbing.

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Re: Chpt 13 paid

You could try and see if EX has a score for you here straight from the bureau and not a bank:

I dont have any WF products so I dont know what they use. FICO or Vantage.

Anything kept after BK reaffirmed wont report until after DC. At least in Chapt7, not sure about 13. Might be the same. Somenone will chime in.

Out of Commission until Wed due to working The IMSA Rolex 24 weekend. C-Ya!
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Re: Chpt 13 paid

My mortgage and car loan isn't reporting on my CR since filing ch 13. I would assume once I get my discharge that it will start reporting again.

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Re: Chpt 13 paid

Experian is blank.

No open accounts

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Re: Chpt 13 paid

Pacer today added this:

Filed & Entered: 08/22/2019 Docket Text Chapter 13 Trustee's Statement of Completion

Filed & Entered: 08/21/2019 Docket Text Chapter 13 Debtor(s) Certification to Obtain Discharge.


How much longer does it typically take for a discharge after this?  Colorado

I also asked my Mortgage and Auto loan company if or when they start reporting again.  The answer from both is that they will not report anything for the remainder of the loans.  Santander & Flagstar.  The auto loan started 2 years into bankruptcy and has been paid on time every month.  The mortgage has been paid on time, but was originated before the BK.  

I would like to refi the Mortgage to see if I can drop the rate and term for about the same payment.


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