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Credit Score Confusion after BK Discharge

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Credit Score Confusion after BK Discharge

Hello. This is my first time posting. I hope I can get some help.

We’ve been discharged for one month from our chapter 13. So thankful we are finally able to get this behind us. Now we are looking at our credit reports. I’m confused at what I’m seeing on credit karma. My Transunion is showing as a 596. My Equifax is showing as a 709. Why are they so different? When I look at the Equifax details I am seeing that all of my accts are showing the payments status as IIB and the accts are all

When I look at the Transunion details I see the payment status as “on payment plan” for all my accts. Also Discover is showing as open, one missed payment. (Showing closed on Equifax.)

Why are they so different? What can I do to get my credit better. I’m new to all of this after bk information. My head is spinning.

My husband and I recently applied for Capital One Platinub cards. We were both approved, each, for a $3,000 limit. No annual fee. The interest rate is high, 26%. We will not abuse them. Just want to build our credit back up. I’m actually scared out of my mind to use mine for even a $20 transaction.

Thanks for reading my post. I hope I get some responses as to what I should be doing. Thank you in advance.

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Re: Credit Score Confusion after BK Discharge

Credit Karma ARE NOT true FICO scores, so we really can't try to figure it out.


I suggest you order your actual "FICO" scores to see what you scores are.


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Re: Credit Score Confusion after BK Discharge

I'm only repeating what I've read from others who are more experienced with this stuff.  But it's best to wait at least two months to let things settle after the discharge.  I'm going through a Chapter 7 and I noticed that there is a delay with between the various credit reporting companies with records being updated.  Something changes on one report and it might be a week or two later before the other credit reporting companies update their records.  


Also as someone else already said Credit Karma scores are not accurate.  Credit Karma is good to keep track of info changing on your report but that is about it.  Pay here for it your scores or someone else might mention if there is a accurate free way to get your scores.

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Re: Credit Score Confusion after BK Discharge

I doubt you are anywhere near 700, more like 550 - 625 range.

You need to pull real reports from this site or similar.

Realistically, 700 will take 1 to 3 years if build is done properly.

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Re: Credit Score Confusion after BK Discharge

I know I’m definitely not anywhere near 700. That’s why I get some help. As far as what I’m seeing on Credit Karma, I know the scores are not real, but I’m wondering how the accts are being reported differently on the two reports, per my original post. How should they show now that I am discharged?

Thanks for any help you can give.
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Re: Credit Score Confusion after BK Discharge

It can take up to 30 to 60 days for everything to update. You can pull all 3 FICO's from credit check total for a buck and cancel before the trial is up. Everything included in BK should say IIB and 0 balance. Plus you may just may get a score boast due to no more debts. Ignore CK all together. You could get your free EX FICO right now at Discover Scorecard. Once you reach 40-60 days out. If anyone is not reporting correctly IIB and 0 balnce. Dispute it. For now be patient and let it ride out. Its still too fresh to gauge anything right now. Let us know what happens. Good Luck!

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Re: Credit Score Confusion after BK Discharge

All of your accounts should say IIB.


It took a while for mine to correct itself.  TU was the correct one for me and the others finally followed along.


I would wait a month or two to see where you stand and then if you think they are not correct you can file a dispute and say they were including in your bankruptcy to have them show the right thing.

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