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Disputed Items Falling Off

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Re: Disputed Items Falling Off

 Back when I filed I expected to get a FICO score increase upon discharge but I didn't.   Apparently it was the filing that moved things and in my case my scores increased upon filing.   Suddenly my cards weren't 100% maxed out and I wasn't 100K in debt.

I disputed some cards that were not showing IIB before discharge the creditors updated them to show IIB.   Most of my creditors updaged to IIB after filing but before discharge.

I would encourage you to dispute accounts that were IIB on a regular basis after discharge.   I got rid of about half my IIB accounts, including AMEX, Barclay's, Amazon, Dell -- and others I no longer recall.

It is a waste of time to write a lender and ask for a goodwill deletion.   They will never do it.   They want you to suffer as long as possible.   I can't say I really blame them.

The only credit I applied for before discharge was a shared secured loan with my credit union.   Since I had zero open accounts at that point my score actually jumped a lot -- I think like 30 points.   My scores upon filing were very low 500s.

Good luck on your rebuild.   I see nothing wrong with getting a head start but don't go too crazy.   You can get stuck with a bunch of low limit accounts and then the good lenders won't lend to you because you have too many inquiries and too many new ($500 limit) accounts.

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