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Do i have enough credit?

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Do i have enough credit?

Hi everyone,
I need help in figuring out if i have enough credit post BK. BK discharge 2/08 due to divorce. Had good credit prior. This is what i have...
Reaffirmed Car Loan: Balance 1500 Pay $350 a month. No lates Post BK
Unsecured Orchard Visa:  $300 limit   Balance $90
Unsecured Orchard M/C: $300 limit     Balance $95
Walmart ( From Pre-BK) : $230 limit  Balance $80
B of A Unsecured Visa: $500 limit  Balance $182
Macys: $300 limit  Balance $97
Target (just received 3/08): $200 limit  Balance $151
Paypal Buyers Credit: $300 limit Balance $124
CitiFinancial: Borrowed $2020 Balance 1000
No late pays. Utils approx 30%...
Fico Equ 559
Fako (TC) Tu 662/ EXP600/ EQU637
Am i doing enough or is there some other steps i should take to boost FICOS?
Love Love Love this Forum..... I am truely addicted... Great advise and a wealth of information!!!!!

Starting Score: 800
Current Score: 800
Goal Score: 850

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