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Extra Attorney Fees?

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Extra Attorney Fees?

Anyone been charged extra fees on top of the retainer for a lawyer after the discharge?  


There were some errors in my paperwork after it was filed and I let my lawyer know via email and followed up with a call.  The errors were made by my lawyer.  Lawyer didn't say anything about extra fees to fix them but was curious if others have had that happen  I've since read some bad reviews about my lawyer so I'm curious if others had this sort of experience where their lawyer didn't let them know if something was going to cost extra before they did it. I simply have a bad feeling about this lawyer.  

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Re: Extra Attorney Fees?

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My first question is, did you already know about these reviews prior to hiring him?

Secondly, I don't think its considered "common" for "extra" fees. Usually, its just one fee for the lawyer, and file fee. Now, I can see there being another fee for redoing paperwork that had mistakes if it was made on your part, but if the mistakes weren't yours (you forgot a lender etc), then Id ask him about it!

What were the extra fees for exactly?

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Re: Extra Attorney Fees?

Yeah the errors were his fault. I had Googled him before and didn't see anything that bad but I just Googled him again and found some stuff that I wish I had seen before hand.  And then at the signing when I think back to it I realized some other things that didn't make sense.  He also has people in the office who act as gate keepers for him.  They didn't mention any extra fee for fixing the errors. I don't really want to push to try to chat with him and find out later I'll be charged or something.


So I'm was curious about others experience in general.  If they figured out after it was to late that they had a bad lawyer.  One who tacked on extra fees after the fact.  Considering I'm filing for BK it's not surprising to hear I'm strapped for cash so would rather not have be chased by a lawyer of all people.

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