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Help with Credit Cleanup

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Help with Credit Cleanup

Hello. I filed Chapter 7 on October 14,2014. I have already been to 341 meeting. I will be discharged on January 9, 2015.


I have ordered all 3 reports from and the score watch for all 3 credit bureaus.


I am now beginning credit cleanup. I have a few questions.


#1 Will it hurt my score if i continue to receive my credit report from monthly? Should I only sign up for scorewatch monthly?

#2 How should student loans be showing on my credit reports now. I understand that they will not be written off... but how should they report after a bankruptcy. Some say IIB, some still report normally

#3 Does anyone have a sample letter that they sent to the credit bureaus to change report to IIB and zero balances?



Thanks in advance,


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Re: Help with Credit Cleanup

I did most or all of my disputes online at each of the 3 CRAs.  Also...this will greatly help you after you get done.  I'm at 679 8 months after discharge...I followed it for the most part.  The biggest part is cleaning up your credit report like you posted for. Smiley Happy

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Re: Help with Credit Cleanup

My student loans showed IIB and of course as you know they won't be discharged but rather go on a forebearance for a period of time while your BK is being sorted out. When I called Sallie Mae about mine (federal) they said the forebearance lasted a year from my filing date.


Pulling your credit report doesn't effect your score. I wouldn't pull your reports until a week or so after your discharge so that it has time to hit the public record and any of your baddies that didn't want to remove things will have to do so now(obviously within the law).


I did all my disputing before my discharge and only had two hold outs that I needed to handle post-discharge. I did them all online through the CRAs websites and it was pretty straight forward, most don't need a "letter" in a traditional sense. They ask why you are disputing and you put a concise reason, boom, done. Some people like to do letters/faxes as they don't trust the CRAs to take the appropriate action, but I've had good experiences so far.


Good luck in cleaning up your reports, it will help get the ball rolling towards rebuilding a lot faster!



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