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Just filed

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Just filed

After researching and reading these forums for months, I decided filing BK would be the best credit move for my financial situation. My attorney filed my Ch. 7 case today and I am anxious to start fresh and do things better this time. I had well over $75k in debt and my credit score is already in the low 500’s. Going to start on the BK to 700 plan and follow it to the letter. 

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Re: Just filed

Hey MyLo,

First, I give you props for taking the time to make the decision. One of the hard parts (the paperwork) is pretty much over and now comes the wait. I was 15 weeks from my filing date to my discharge. Some days were full of anxiety. Try to relax, you'll get there. I was in the high 400's when I filed. Good luck and keep us posted.

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