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Late Payments Before bankruptcy

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Late Payments Before bankruptcy

Can someone please tell me if late payments before bankrupcty will report after you get discharged from chapter 7 bankrupcty ? With the fresh does the credot report still show all previous history ? I'm thinking it will but not experience or educated enough to know for sure so hopfully soneone thats been through it can tell me. thank you everyone for dropping in.

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Re: Late Payments Before bankruptcy

Most of your lates will stay on the report, but you might get lucky and have some fall off.

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Re: Late Payments Before bankruptcy

Your lates usually still show.

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Re: Late Payments Before bankruptcy

Chpt 7 BK discharges the debt, and thus prevents accrual of new delinquencies, and thus addition of payment history profile derogs after the date of the discharge.

However, it does not erase the factual, prior history before the debt was discharged.

The payment history profile will continue to show prior monthly delinquencies.


The lates are subject to the normal exclusion provisions under the FCRA. 

More specifically, they will become excluded no later than 7 years from the date of initial delinquency that preceded the reported delinquency.

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