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Locating medical debt prior to BK7

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Locating medical debt prior to BK7

Hello, after weeks of reading and seeking advice from a BK attorney, I have a question.

I am looking at adding a lot of medical debt to my BK. Mostly from early 2018. Some has been sent to more than one collection agency. None of which are reporting on my CR. I have contacted the hospital which I incurred the original debt. They gave me the company the debt was sent to. I called and some of the balance was sent elsewhere with a phone # that doesn't work.

The question is- how do I add creditors holding the debt if I can not locate the debt? I have the original hospital statement with said debt, but if they are no longer responsible for receiving the payment (since the collection agency is), what do you do?
I plan on asking the lawyer as well. I have been trying hard to make sure I have not missed any agency. I am afraid I will miss a creditor holding a significant amount of medical debt if I can't locate it.

I am filing in February and have been working to get all records in order. For example The hospital doesn't have the original $4,000 debt (sent to an agency last month) and the agency has yet to receive/process it as they said they just received a bulk of accounts this month and it may be in that stack.

I am filing around $45k medical debt from surgeries. $1800 to AT&T. $501 to a cable company. $192 to Captial One (the ONLY credit card I have). $200 past utility bill at my previous address. $460 to my former bank for a closed out checking account.

I do not own my home and do not have an auto loan. With all this said, it is VERY important that I do not forget any medical debt. I am worried sick about finding lost debts. Anyone have issues locating medical debt prior to filing? Did you find it post filing?
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Re: Locating medical debt prior to BK7

They are automatically included in a BK filing your lawyer should info you on this as long as you have done due dilligence.
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Re: Locating medical debt prior to BK7

Any debt you had prior to filing BK7 is IIB whether or not it was on your listing. So even if you can't "find" all your medical debt, it doesn't matter, as any debt is included regardless.

If you file, and later down the road you have some debt collector try send you a letter, all you have to do is tell them you filed a BK and the date, and to never contact you again.

My rebuild worked for me, but won't necessarily work for you!
BK7 D/C- 08/2013
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