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My Post-BK Rebuild Update

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My Post-BK Rebuild Update


I just got approved for the Chase Amazon Visa Signature 15 months post-BK, so I wanted to do a rebuild update:


IIB: Amex, BofA, Comenity, Citibank, Chase, DSNB, Synchrony, WFB.


 November '15

BK7 Discharged

May '16

Credit One approved, $400 SL-Now Closed

June '16

Capital One Platinum approved, $3000 SL, now a QS at $3800

July '16

 Discover it approved, $1000 SL, now at $3300

Victoria's Secret approved, $500 SL via Shopping Cart Trick, now at $800

NFL Extra Points approved, $3500 SL, now at $4500

 November '16

jetBlue Plus approved, $4000 SL

December '16

Closed Credit One

Quicksilver approved $10000 SL


2/15/17Apped for Chase Amazon Visa Signature, received 30-day review

2/21/17- Received denial letter in mail

2/22/17- Called for recon, approved $500 SL


In my Wallet Today

Capital One Quicksilver MC, $3800

Discover it, $3300

Victoria's Secret, $500

NFL Extra Points Visa, $4500

jetBlue Plus WEMC, $4000

Capital One Quicksilver WEMC $10000

Chase Amazon Visa Signature $500


FICO 8 Scores: EQ 687, TU 652, EX 677

Total Credit Limits: $26900


My rebuild has been a little more fast and furious than I intended, but I am happy with the results. Later this year, I plan to combine the two QS, and close NFL Extra Points and roll balance onto the jetBlue Plus to pare down my wallet. 

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Re: My Post-BK Rebuild Update



Great job getting in with Chase!! Very happy for you and your success

Filed BK7: 7/2012 (start score EQ 560 / TU 529) Discharge 10/2012
801 EQ FICO 06/2022
797 TU FICO 04/2022
793 EX FICO 04/2022
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Re: My Post-BK Rebuild Update

Thanks, Scupra! I forgot to put that it was approved after recon. Will edit original post.☺
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Re: My Post-BK Rebuild Update

Thanks for sharing the story Bella! You have great cards and are moving on up to bigger and better Smiley Happy

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Re: My Post-BK Rebuild Update

Congratulations again and thank you for sharing here too, you will inspire many with your success.
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Re: My Post-BK Rebuild Update

Congradulations, great rebuild gives hope to the rest of us waiting to start rebuilding!

Filed Ch 13- 8/29/17
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Re: My Post-BK Rebuild Update

That is impressive, especially with Chase IIb. I love to see these stories, gives me some hope!


Rebuilding from BK 7
EQ-554 TU-567 EX-542 ~ Day of Filing (2/2017)
EQ-559 TU-496 EX-510 ~ Day of Discharge (6/2017)
EQ-696 TU-677 EX-679 ~ Current (4/18)
Credit One, Merrick, Paypal, Overstock, Pottery Barn, NFCU Secured & CapOne
Live, learn, and overcome
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Re: My Post-BK Rebuild Update

Hard work pays off!

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Re: My Post-BK Rebuild Update

@Anonymous wrote:

Hard work pays off!

Yes, it does, geemillz! It looks like you've done some work of your own. Nice cards and limits in your signature. Smiley Happy Was BoA IIB for you? I want to get back in with them someday, and I've heard the secured route is a good way to go. Wasn't sure how long I have to wait.

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Re: My Post-BK Rebuild Update

Great job getting in with Chase.... Do you recal which CRA they pulled? Did you burn them in the BK from 2015? I was dicharged a month prior to you and was thinking of taking a chance on them again....

BK Filed 06/15 and D/C 09/15 Current FICO 8/9 Scores EQ 768/814 EX 738/744 TU 749/754 AMEX BCE $20K, Delta AMEX $10k, AMEX Everyday $5K, AMEX Gold NPSL, AMEX Platinum NPSL, AMEX Marriott Bonvoy $9.3K, AMEX Hilton Aspire $9.3K, Apple Mastercard $9K, BOA Unlimited Custom Cash Visa $5K, BOA Travel Rewards Visa $5K, BBT Travel Reward Visa $7.5K, BBT Brightstar Visa $7.5K, Target $5k, Banana Republic $7k, CITI Custom Cash $3K, NFCU eSignature Visa $40k, NFCU CLOC $15k, NFCU AMEX Rewards $25k, NFCU Classic Visa Signature Flagship Reward $15k, Comendity NFL $27.9k, PayPal $10k, Capital 1 Wal-Mart $7k, Amazon Prime $10k, CITI-Double Cash $3k, PENFED Power Cash Reward 20k, PENFED AMEX $20K, PENFED Platinum $10k, PENFED Credit Union CLOC 1.5k, PENFED New Car Loan 6% APR 33k 72 MTHS-Paid Off, PENFED Signature Loan 19k 48 MTHS, Nordstrom 15K; Raymour $5.3, USAA AMEX Reward $14.5K, USSA Visa Reward $9.5K, Target $5K, Infiniti Q50 2019 $44K-1.9% APR 72 months-Paid Off. Total CC Limits $346K.
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