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NFCU car loan while on chapter 13

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NFCU car loan while on chapter 13

Hello everyone, I’m 12 payment for completion of my 5 year payment on my ch13 and I really need a car, anyone have tried nfcu while still paying ch13? Last week I applied for the secure credit card with them and was approved for $250 CL
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Re: NFCU car loan while on chapter 13

Yes I have.  Last year.  They flat out said no.  I have no debt and my scores were all in the high 600's.  They will not do a loan for you with an open 13.


Penfed will.  I was able to finance two vehicles with them at the tail end of my 13 while it was still open.  But they will need high scores.  And they dont use Fico scores.  I cant remember what they use.  But as for Penfed, they do not recoginze an open 13 as a bankruptcy.

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Re: NFCU car loan while on chapter 13

Pretty sure you have to run anything like this by your trustee also. 

Your file date was 4 years ago, so it is almost like being 4 years post BK.

Check Cap One Auto Navigator also.

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Re: NFCU car loan while on chapter 13

We completed paying in March and tried at our local CU and Cap One.  The CU said no problems with your discharge letter and CapOne essentially said the same.


I'd recommend waiting for the discharge letter or buying a cash car for now.  We are still waiting for our discharge letter which is due any day now.

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Re: NFCU car loan while on chapter 13

While on 13 I had to purchase a car and I had to go thru my Lawyer they sent a request to the Trustee and the Trustee gave approval for me to be able to get a loan.  The Trustee determines how much you are allowed to borrow, towards a Vehicle.  It was an easy process.

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