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NFCU data point


NFCU data point

Joined NFCU a few days after discharge, 12/3/2016. I applied for cash rewards back in the summer after reading here they were BK friendly. Turns out they were not. I was denied due to BK.

Read here they have implemented 12 months post discharge to be considered for approval. I applied 12/14/2017. By my math this is 12 months and a few days post discharge. To NFCU, this is 11 FULL months. It seems they don't count the month you were discharged. Wasted a HP. I was told I could apply anytime after January 1, that THAT would be 12 FULL months post discharge.
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Re: NFCU data point

If bankruptcy was the reason for your denial, and we're talking about a matter of days until you are "eligible," I'd send a secure message and ask for a recon. Use the term "appeal" in your message.

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