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Post-filing Credit Report (Chapter 13)


Post-filing Credit Report (Chapter 13)

Experian is reporting balances on my credit report from BOA and Chase. These debts were included in bankruptcy and should show $0, right? Only Experian is showing balances — Equifax and TransUnion show $0 balance and “Included in Chapter 13” Wage Earner plan”, respectively.

I filed disputes with Experian because this is incorrect, right? They are showing me at 92% utilization! Argh...

I’m 1yr into my Chapter 13 and it’s the only score under 600; I’m hoping to fix that. Thanks.
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Re: Post-filing Credit Report (Chapter 13)

Same thing on my report.  I filed last August, BofA and Chase are reporting a balance only on Experian, with the last update in September.  They report $0 balance on all other reports.  Interestingly, I also have FNBO and Ga's Own Credit Union reporting balances only on Experian.  


I was curious about whether this was an issue or not; I guess it doesn't really matter what's on there for 5 more years.

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