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Settling or paying off - which is better

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Settling or paying off - which is better

I filed bankruptcy in 02/2006 and it was discharged 06/15/07.  Since this time I have messed up a few credit card accounts but really wanting to buy a house.  I am willing to just pay these collection accounts off so I can raise my score but will settling with the creditors help also.  I just need to get my score up within the next 6 months.  I have written debt validation letters and disputed some items that appear on my report as collections but should actually be included in the bankruptcy.  Any advise!  I know I messed up but I really want to redeem myself before it gets out of hand.  Woman Sad
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Re: Settling or paying off - which is better

If you want to buy a house, I would pay off the accounts in full.   Remember any settlements you do may have taxes on them.  If you save more than $600, you will get a 1099C, cancellation of debt and will have to report that as income on your taxes. 

Also make sure whatever is still open that was included in bankruptcy is disputed immediately.  Once that is fixed, your credit my increase.  They are showing collections and past due, but if they were suppose to be in banko, they should be at $0.


Good luck!

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