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What else should I be doing?

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What else should I be doing?

My very first post!


I filed for Chapter 7 in 3/12 and it was discharged at the end of June. I got approved for an orchard bank card ($300) a few weeks before BK. I went app crazy but was denied so many times. After a few months of just being nervous with all the denials I tried for a Captial one and got approved for $300 credit limit and was automatically approved for the steps programs.Customer service rep said after using and paying the card for five straight months by 7th statment it will reflect a $500 cl. I did not have a checking account due to being reported to Chex Systems but did manage to open one up in October. I have never been late on my Orchard but have utilized close to limit many times. Finally putting my effort to get back on track in order to purchase a home by 2015.


Before bk my credit score was about 526 (transunion) and 516 (equifax) and 503 (experian) I work for the accounting/collections dept at my job and we use Equifax so my boss pulled my report for me.


Now Im 576 (trans) and 566 (eq)...


Should I just work these two cards for the next few months or try for a secure card as well? I dont want to keep applying for stuff and getting denied.My student loans are deferred but starting in March my deferment ends so hoping that moves the points upward. What can I do to keep the momentum going or should I just garden for now?


EQ 566 (12/12)
TRANS 576 (12/12)

GOAL: 700-720 across the board
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Re: What else should I be doing?

Welcome to the forums first off! This place will help you a lot. I think right now you should garden for a bit, maybe a year.. Just make sure to keep at or below 9% util and always be on time. Is everything reporting correctly from the BK? Now would also be a good time to make sure it is Smiley Happy Take a look at the how to 700 etc thread it will be great info.

Filed BK7: 7/2012 (start score EQ 560 / TU 529) Discharge 10/2012
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750 TU FICO 11/2017
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Re: What else should I be doing?

If you want to clear your checksystems record you need to fax them a copy of your discharge papers. They wiped out my whole report, PM Me.

BK: 7 filed 3/31/12 - Discharged 6/27/12
Made some poor choices and life snowballed
BK: 13 filed 7/29/16 - on a 36th month time out
No CC - No Loans - Student Loans all current.
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Re: What else should I be doing?

I'd like that information too if you don't mind.  Will that work on Telecheck as well?  

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