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When would a UST object

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When would a UST object

I had my 341 meeting today; very uneventful.  Per PACER the trustee has requested she be discharged (PACER says "I request that I be discharged from any further duties as trustee").


My attorney's only concern is, I have a high income, just about $1,000 under the median (so I do pass the means test).  My Schedule J shows a monthly deficit of $463.  However, I did take an early withdraw from my 401K this year in the amount of $4,000.  My attorney’s only concern is that the UST could request that $4k be added to my income which would put me over the means test.  Even with that, my Schedule J would still show a deficit but I guess being over the median income could complicate things.  Or not?


So my question, if the UST were to have an issue when would I expect that issue to be raised?  My attorney says he normally hears from the UST, if they have an issue, the week before the 341.  That did not happen.  Is it possible that the UST could still raise an issue and object during the next 60 days?


Thanks in advance!


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Re: When would a UST object

It is quite possible, but if your attorney said that the Trustee usually does so before hand than I would go off what your attorney stated. Good luck.



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Re: When would a UST object

Most BK attorneys know the trustees pretty well, because they work them on a regular basis. Its possible that the trustee could still be looking at everything, but if pacer states that the trustee has requested any further duties, thats code for, Im in the process of completing your discharge.

I still wouldnt do anything though without pacer stating discharged, and your attorney verifying though.
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