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experian issue - advice needed

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experian issue - advice needed

Got my latest credit report yesterday and have been pouring over it with a fine tooth comb and noticed some issues with they way Experian is reporting my charge-offs.


I have about 3-4 charge-offs (Cong Fed Credit Union, Home Depot Credit Card, other cards, etc) which had no lates up until the time of my filing for bankruptcy (June of 2019).   Experian lists them as CO for 6/2019, but they also list them as 90 days late.   I have no idea how that is possible when for instance, with one card, they show my payments in March, April, May as "OK" (meaning not late) and then the CO in June, but then in the older derogatory events section, list 6/2019 as 90 days late.


Is this something that is a quirk for Experian or should I dispute this?  The issue is that for 4 out of the 5 accounts, they only are showing up under Experian (TU and EQ are not reporting information).  I don't mind the CO (since that's accurate) but don't feel I should be penalized further for 90 day lates when in fact they weren't 90 day lates.


Any advice is greatly appreciated

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Re: experian issue - advice needed

dispute in writing via Certified Mail the account as inaccurate reporting... it may just be removed entirely

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