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AMEX business charge card

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AMEX business charge card

OK guys. Back again with a new issue. I work for a company that offers AMEX charge cards for their field managers to cover business and traveling expenses to "THOSE WHO QUALIFY". My credit is not great with a mortgage modification a year and a half ago, some old medical bills in collections, etc. Last I checked I was coming in around 620 FICO. I am up for a promotion to a field manager position and am wondering if I might have a chance for a AMEX business card due to the relationship there, the substantial raise I would receive and obviously much lower risk of lates or defaults (defaulting on the card results in termination according to the agreement in front of me). 


I assume that the requirements would be the same as the personal cards, which I am sure I would not qualify for, but thought I would see if someone out there might have experience with this.


Thanks again.

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Re: AMEX business charge card

I beleive based on some threads that I've read that Amex has a couple different flavors of corporate cards.  Some, you are simply an authorized user on where they may not even pull your credit.  In other cases, you are an account holder.  


I believe that in either event, if you are denied, someone at the company can push your application through and  you may have a hard limit put on your card.  This may also indicate to your employer that you had a bad past experience with Amex, but not really much you can do about that.


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Re: AMEX business charge card

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Re: AMEX business charge card

In this instance I would be the account holder and my company has a very good relationship with AMEX. I've seen regional managers put entire conferences, hotel, catering on one card and not even blink. So any idea how hard it would be to qualify? Are there different requirements from the normal charge cards and the business charge cards?

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Re: AMEX business charge card

Also, according to the information I received from my company there is no "pushing it through". You are either approved or denied, if you are approved, great, if not you better find another way to cover your business travel.

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Re: AMEX business charge card

I would assume you would be okay since the business is backing it.

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Re: AMEX business charge card

Ok, well I have been discussing it with my company as well and they have had people get denied, often in fact. They are apparently going to put me in touch with someone at AMEX to discuss it before having me do the application. I am also in the process of knocking off some baddies so hopefully that will help.


If anyone has had experience with that please let me know.


Thanks again!

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