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BP Business Solutions Business Expense Card

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BP Business Solutions Business Expense Card

Received this a few months ago and have been using it for our T&E Expenses.  It is not bad and has unlimited cash back of 2% for first 3 months!
Because you are a loyal and valued BP Business Solutions Universal Mastercard customer, you are approved to add a new card to your existing account to handle all your non-fuel purchases and drive even greater savings for your business.

With this supplemental business expense card on your account, you’ll enjoy:
  • 2% Unlimited Cash Back for the first 3 months and 1% thereafter (excluding fuel)
  • Credit limit increase (if eligible)
  • The convenience of universal acceptance—Pay for your non-fuel purchases anywhere Mastercard is accepted
  • Enhanced reporting and controls
  • A single solution—keep your fuel and non-fuel spend on one invoice.
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Re: BP Business Solutions Business Expense Card

We mostly use our Shell and Racetrac for gasoline.  The Shell was previously Citi but they moved it to WEX.  We have $5,000 lines (each) across 2 seperate accounts and it's revolving (which is very different for WEX).  The Racetrac is Net 30 billed monthly and we had a $5,000 line until WEX downgraded it due to non-use (to $500).  We also have a totally unused Speedway Net 30 which is also WEX and is still at $5,000 although we don't touch it (so that makes me wonder why WEX went after the Racetrac account???).


Anyhow, I forgot all about our BP Business Solutions Corporate cards.  We use it mostly for maintenance.  Received an email stating that they are sending me a "business expense" card, doubling the credit line, and want me to try it.  I called my representative and sure enough, the mastercards are open up to just about every single MCC (merchant code).  I checked, and it's literally almost everything with only a very few things that it won't allow (mostly related to gambling and cash-equivalent places).  I have tested just about every "major" category grouping such as Business Services, Financial, Fuel, Legal/Insurance, Maintenance Only, Medical, Miscellaneous (which is just about everything else), and all 5 T&E groups.  We have used it across just about all of those groups including Medical.


We don't like the terms, since ours is currently 7/NET4 which means weekly billing with NET4 due.  I asked for NET21 and a longer cycle, since I was considering and asked for the Driven+ card, also from Fleetcor.  But it does help manage our cash flow in a single place for T&E.  We mostly use it for T&E.




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Re: BP Business Solutions Business Expense Card

WEX is a complete pain the @$$  When Shell was being taken over, I called Citi and told them to close our account, I didn't even want it to be moved over to WEX.  Later WEX contacted me to see if I wanted to reactivate the account, they said they only needed a little bit of info because they had most of what they needed from the previous account.  I agreed and then received a letter stating they couldn't open the account because our utilization on previous account didn't meet their internal guildlines.  I called and asked for clairification on what they meant, and was told that I didn't spend enough money on the previous Shell card with Citi, so they didn't expect me to spend more with WEX.


I am not ever interested in doing business with WEX

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Re: BP Business Solutions Business Expense Card

We are definitely not happy about the WEX takeover of the Citi Shell cards.  I suspect that they (WEX) will next come for our our other Citi (gas) cards next.  I like the revolver on the Citi Shell cards, so that's the only reason I am sticking with WEX... just in case we ever need to carry a balance.  We have actually avoided WEX (accept for our Racetrac cards).  We only have the Racetrac card because it was convenient for a particular location.

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