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Business Loans after Chapter 7?

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Business Loans after Chapter 7?

Hey all!


I wanted to specifically ask, does anyone have any experience obtaining a business loan after Chapter 7? A little background, I was discharged with my Chapter 7 in January 2017. I primarily filed because I was in graduate school and unable to work full-time during the program. I graduated in December 2018, and recently started working in my field in March. My current credit scores are in the 650's, primarily being held down by about 50% utilization. I'm currently working to pay them off as quickly as possible. 


I'm looking to open a business, and will need about 25,000 to 30,000 to get everything rolling. Anyone applied for and successfully gotten a business loan after bankruptucy? Thoughts on getting a personal loan to quickly pay off credit cards so my score can rise?


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Business Loans after Chapter 7?

Depending what field you are in as a healthcare provide wirth a similiar situation I was able to get a $30k business loan with BHG..... no reflection on personal credit reports what so ever


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Re: Business Loans after Chapter 7?

I am in healthcare. Can you elaborate a little further?
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Re: Business Loans after Chapter 7?

please elaborate Smiley Happy

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