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Experian/D&B Biz files

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Experian/D&B Biz files

I have worked dilengently at getting these file scores up to snuff. I have 4 years of active commercial credit, Home Depot, Lowes, Uline, Sams, WEX, Staples, Amazon Biz, Qull, Divvy, and a Shell gas card, another WEX product..


My D&B is at 80----My Ex biz is at 100--My EQ biz sucks---is having a 100 on Ex biz par for the course when there is a 100% payment pattern? It flucuates between 85-100, depending on if any balances report. D&B stays steady at 80. 


So with only 4 years worth, are these pretty normal scores for responsible behavior? I feel accomplished. My Sams Biz MC just gave me a CLI of 16k--8k to 24k after only 3 months. I hear they pull experian biz everytime. 

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