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Guessing Which Accounts Are Reporting?

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Guessing Which Accounts Are Reporting?

Anyone have any tips or data points to figuring out which accounts are reporting on your business credit reports? I'm not sure which is which because it just says things like "Trade Account 1" and "Account Type: Packaging" etc. and I had applied for multiple ones around the same time recently and some are slowly starting to report.


The NAV Duns and Bradstreet reporting, it doesnt even give you an account type at all, so I'm really scratching my head now...


One of the accounts reporting on my Experian is a credit card but I dont think its my current business AMEX because I've been told they dont report to Experian Business? Only DUNS? Honestly dont think it reports anywhere at all?


I had a Chase INK card that was closed a long while back (not good) and I think it must be that account, but there seems to be none of the negative history associated with it on there at all...its just a $0.00 balance with a high of $6100 showing. 100% current payments, etc and it "LOOKS" like its still open on there...but its definitely not.


The second account showing on my Experian so far is "PACKAGING" which I thought was maybe Quill but now I'm thinking its probably Uline as that would be more of an accurate description of the account type and I think Quill doesnt report to Experian Business?


The thing is, only one account is reporting to DNB for $50 so it's probably got to be one of the Grainger/Uline? (Both of which I made $50 purchases with)



For Reference, Net 30's Opened So Far:

- Grainger (Novemeber)

- Quill (November)

- Uline (November)

- Fedex Office (December)

- Supplyworks (December)

- Nav Business Boost (December)

- Summa Office Supplies (January)


Any guesses?


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Re: Guessing Which Accounts Are Reporting?

I know that my NAV, Uline and Summa have reported the last 2-3 months. Just did Grainger this month so likely won’t see it until next report. I can’t seem to get a Duns Paydex, though.

NAV reports as Biz Services. Uline as Packaging and Summa as Office Supp. Hope that helps. I don’t have Quill, Fedex or Supplyworks, so can’t help you there.
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