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PNC Backdoor Number?

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PNC Backdoor Number?

Does anyone have a backdoor phone number to someone who could help me out with a business line of credit? My friend had a business line of credit with National City which he closed last month with $0 balance; after they informed him there would not be an automatic withdrawal or a payment due the next month, they hit his primary business checking account for $100 for the automatic draft. This account is used as something similar to a float account in that deposits go in that he accepts from customers and the company takes withdrawals based on the payments entered.


When he called about getting the $100 back (this has thrown off the balance of his main checking account and the secondary account tied to it) they said that would be no problem, but he would have to go handle this at the branch and not over the phone. He took the time to go down to the branch, they made 4 or 5 phone calls and he was told they could get his money back but he would have to wait 7 to 10 business days. The $100 did not come from an outside source, but rather from an account he has with this bank, so I guess you could say the funds are seasoned. From what I understand, he's wasted at least 3 hours between the calls to PNC, his company, etc... Aside from the the people at the branch, not a single CSR he's spoken with over the phone has said anything remotely apologetic, rather, he's been talked down at like the $100 shouldn't be a big deal and it's not a big deal that they float his refund.


Any suggestions?

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Re: PNC Backdoor Number?

800-762-0974 they may have to transfer you for business but that should be a good start.

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