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Quill Net 30 Account Question...

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Quill Net 30 Account Question...

Hey everyone,


I just created my Quill account a few days ago and submitted my first order for around $80.00 and selected invoice me and it said it would take two days to process and approve me.  I looked at my order status today, and it says it's already being shipped and when I track with UPS, it should be here today, so I'm pretty excited about that.  Also I received the invoice to my email which says to pay by 9/17.  The only question I have is when and how with this report to DNB or Equifax when I haven't supplied them with my EIN # for the business?  I asked the Quill customer service and they said if DNB requests it then they will give them that info.  But I'm a little confused because when I called DNB to get my free number, they kept saying I have to pay for that service, when I've read in several posts that I don't have to.  


Just want to make sure this starts to get reported, so I can move up from here.  Have I done everything correctly?  All I have supplied Quill with is the business name and address, but nothing else really.



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Re: Quill Net 30 Account Question...

Don't take this as gospel, but I'm pretty sure that if you start having several companies trying to report your credit history to DNB, then DNBwill issue you a number. If you request a number from them in advance of this, they charge you a hefty fee.

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Re: Quill Net 30 Account Question...

You can request and obtain a DNB # from them without paying anything. Yes they will hassle you and upsell their products but it is not required. Simply and very nicely say no thank you.

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Re: Quill Net 30 Account Question...

Just a FYI you don't need to apply for a DNB number as stated it WILL self generate, save your self the trouble and don't bother.. Not many places ask for it especially on starter type accounts and even so you don't need to put it down it just helps them find your company. No one needs your EIN for reporting purposes. When companies report and pull your credit they go off of name and address. So it's important to always keep those updated.

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