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Quill Net 30 reporting ?

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Quill Net 30 reporting ?

I just came across a post from a couple of years ago where the poster stated unless you pay a Quill invoice by check it doesn't report to any biz cred agencies.

Now I use Quill for different things when I can find a price break and have done so for nearly a decade....but I have always paid by card on my Net 30.

And after recently pulling my Biz Ex I believe I don't see anything from Quill at all.

So can anyone confirm this 'pay by check- report' scenario ?

And if true...what other Net 30 accounts might have the same issues ?

There are 4-5 Net 30's that many people seek out to establish biz credit but what would be the point if they don't actually report unless used properly ?

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Re: Quill Net 30 reporting ?

Quill reports to D&B not Experian.


Uline reports to both.


Grainger reports to D&B. 


A Net 30 will report your account just fine. Just order in the middle of the month and let it sit unpaid till the next month... of course pay it on time or a bit early.


Reporting and non-reporting changes regularly for some of these Net 30's. Not so much the above 3.



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