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WEX Fleet

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WEX Fleet

Is this a good card for a small business? DH got an offer in the mail.

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Re: WEX Fleet

I have he QuikTrip version.

It works ok for what it is.

There are fees associated with each card

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Re: WEX Fleet

I have a WEX card.


I would recommend Citi and Synchrony gas business cards above WEX.


Exxon/Mobil business and Conoco/Phillip 66/76 Commercial.


Less fees and better reporting.



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Re: WEX Fleet

Not sure about WEX but FuelMan isn't a bad option.  I started out with just a fuel and maintenance card and then was offered similar car with the benefit of being able to use said features anywhere Mastercard was accepted rather than just a places that accepted FuelMan.  


A few months ago I was sent another offer for a FuelMan Corporate Card that works just like a regular credit card...runs on the MasterCard Network.  I believe the SL was $3200.  All of them report to Experian so that helps.  No hidden fees as of yet but I don't use the card much other than routine activity.  

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Re: WEX Fleet

Thanks everyone!

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Re: WEX Fleet

Before you go for the Exxon branded Wex card, check if your area is one of those where Circle K is going to be buying out all the Exxon pumps in the near future. You can not switch the branding on your card later; it'll be a fresh app.


The non-branded Wex fleet card has a $2 monthly fee for every active card running on your account. It also offers no discount if you do not purchase enough fuel. (AFAIK a fleet of two+ hard running semi trucks might start pulling in some discounts on this card, therefore, a co-branded one might be a better suited card).


Moreover, never be so much as an hour late on your Wex card (co-branded or not), as these come with a $70+ non-refundable late fee. They don't care if your cat had asthma.


Furthermore, you're probably looking at 30-day billing, and 21 days to pay your invoice. For example, if you purchased fuel from April 1 to 30th, your invoice would be due by the 21st of May.


Furtherfurthermore, Wex may not report your on-time payments to the bureaus Smiley Sad

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Re: WEX Fleet

I’ve been using the Wex Fleet for a while. Not a big cash back percentage, but it cuts down on employee theft as you have the option of requiring the odometer reading to be punched in before fueling. This allows the employer to keep up with the miles per gallon used just in case the employee gets the idea to fill up their personal vehicles on the side. 


Many years ago, I had American Express cards for my employees to fill up on. Then found out later that one employee was coming inside to pay. And adding a biscuit and cigarettes to the fuel purchases. A card like the Wex prevents that. 

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