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604 Credit Score - What Are The Options?


604 Credit Score - What Are The Options?

Hi.  I'm a newbie.


I have a 604 credit score.  I've only had one credit card with a 800 limit years ago.  Had a lot of baggage on the credit report, wound up homeless, everything from student loans to utilities went into collections in the ten years I was on the street/transient.  Now I have a gig - have made 40K the last two years on my gig economy job.  Most of the baggage dropped off the credit report, raising my score from the upper 400s to now. 


Not planning on repaying stuff that dropped off since many were sent to collections and they want a lot of money, so the question is, how do I re-establish some decent credit.  I just got me a car, first one in 15 years.  It's paid for.  I have Progressive Insurance and pay them monthly, no lates.  Got a phone but it's pre-paid via Tmobile/Metro but they did approve me for credit after a hard pull and that was after they were one of my baggage discharges (I owed them 500, tried to pay it when I could but they had already deleted it out their system and wouldn't let me).


I'm open for suggestions.  Thanks community.


Important Notes:

Don't have a bank account.

Fingerhut denied me credit.

DiscoverIT and a few of the major secured cards denied me.

Qualified for an auto loan but didn't take it because I could pay cash for my car.

Progressive is my insurance; got liability on it.

Have no utility bills (my place is all included).

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Re: 604 Credit Score - What Are The Options?


Welcome to My Fico!!   welcomewave (1).gif


Serious congrats on your progress! GOOD for YOU!

That's a great come back.


I would say since you have Internet access, start with pulling your credit reports & scores to see exactly where you stand.


Free CR Here:

Actual Fico Scores here (cost is $1. just cancel within 7 days)


A bank account would be really helpful, members here may have some ideas for a decent bank/CU for that.

Next, getting a secured card will help toward building your credit & score.

There is one that doesn't do a credit check- Open Sky but after you determine exactly where your credit is at, you might prefer to app for a secured Discover or Capital One card..

Do you have any military affiliation? Or a family member that does? This can open up NFCU credit union for a secured card & great products, in the future. 


I sincerely wish you HUGE success!!!    aaa good luck.gif





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Re: 604 Credit Score - What Are The Options?

I do have military but their credit is really really bad post a bankruptcy and a divorce and at their age 71, they aren't going anywhere near credit.


My credit is 602 with Experian

604 Transunion

603 Equifax

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Re: 604 Credit Score - What Are The Options?

Without a bank account you are going to have a hard time getting approved for anything (not impossible but really hard).
The question about military is to determine if you can join Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU), not to use that person's credit to build yours so it doesn't matter their age/credit or even if they are still alive.
NFCU might be the best option for you since to join you have to open at least a savings account thereby removing the "no bank account" issue
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Re: 604 Credit Score - What Are The Options?

Hi OP and welcome to MyFICO

@pickaboo offered really great advice and I also congratulate you for getting back on your feet.

First, how are you cashing your paychecks. You may want to start there to open a checking acct or even a savings acct.

Second, for the moment, stop applying for credit. Denials begat denials and that’s where you are right now.

Third, is there anyone that would put you on a CC as an AU. Explain to them that you don’t want the physical card or even access to the card’s number. You just need to get your foot in the door.

I’m rooting for you. GL.

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Re: 604 Credit Score - What Are The Options?

I'll try to do my best. Most CC apps ask if you have a bank account and/or savings account. If you have banking issues. You can google non chex system banks and open an account. There's so much to answer here. You could try Cap1 prequal and maybe get a secured card there or Open Sky no credit check and doesnt report as secured. But the banking I feel and JMO you need to get a checking account somewhere to pay the bills so creditors can see how they will get paid first. Yes there's Green Dot pre-paid debit cards and such. I'm kinda lost here. Maybe some other folks will chime in. I dont want to go to where do you keep your income. Too personal. So I'll bow out and wish you the best and congradulate you on a great turn around on life. Wish you the best! 

My posts are JMHO. My siggy is not to brag at all. Just sharing my experiences after learning here from rebuild to recovery after BK DC @ 540's. And to show fellow members what can be accomplished when you do it right and play the FICO Credit Game.
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Re: 604 Credit Score - What Are The Options?

To piggyback off of @FireMedic1,

Opensky not only doesn't require a credit check, but they also work with people who do not have a checking account.   I have a checking account, so I can't speak to how that happens, but it's an option to help you rebuild.    I've been pretty happy with their CS.

Good luck!

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Re: 604 Credit Score - What Are The Options?

The score you give I notice are trans and Equifax. Are these tru Fico or aare these vantage 3 from place like credit karma. The reason is because credit karma scores aren’t reliable.


also a few secure cards like NFCU. I started with a $500 secure card and they approved me for 10k card 2 months later and $15k line of credit. YMMV but they are a great start if you can get in.

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Re: 604 Credit Score - What Are The Options?

Definitely get yourself a bank account first off. But as for cards, try Open Sky or Total Visa. These are almost guaranteed approvals and they will help you establish your credit. 


Good luck! Everything will turn out alright sooner or later! 

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Re: 604 Credit Score - What Are The Options?



I would definitely try to resolve your "no bank account" situation before applying. There are plenty of options out there. Radius, Simple, Chime, etc.


@pinkandgrey wrote:

Definitely get yourself a bank account first off. But as for cards, try Open Sky or Total Visa. These are almost guaranteed approvals and they will help you establish your credit. 


The OP should definitely stay away from Total Visa. Along with Indigo, Credit One, First Premier, or any cards by Continental Finance (Surge, Verve, Matrix, Cerulean), Total is a fee harvester. 


Even thought their AF is a little high ($39), Green Dot does not require a bank account to open to apply for a card.


Goal Cards

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