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736 score enough for CSP?

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736 score enough for CSP?




736 score enough for CSP?

Hi gus,my info :



Open Credit Cards :9
Accounts Ever Late:1 ( 30 Days  3Years ago)
Average Account Age :2 Years 7 Months
Oldest Account :4 Years 1 Month

3 HP in the last 6 months.



Total Credit

utilization 8%




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Re: 736 score enough for CSP?

Do you currently have an account that is $5K+ and over a year old?


If approved for an account, your credit access line will be at least $5000

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Re: 736 score enough for CSP?

Yes,I have one BOA credit card at 5K CL since 2016,but it's an additional card :(

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Re: 736 score enough for CSP?

How many cards did you open in the last two years? 

please list the month and year they were opened in 

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Re: 736 score enough for CSP?

I would think you could get it IF IF IF you haven’t opened a bunch of cards in the last two years. You listed your inqs in the last six months, but said nothing about new accounts over the past 24.


Good luck!

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Re: 736 score enough for CSP?

With your score I would say you are in good shape. Definitely a few factors that could change that, as mentioned above. If you have opened 5 accounts in the past 24 months, that would be a hard stop for Chase. Also, credit length and amount is another big factor (such as the 5k threshold mentioned above). 


The best way to find out is to go into a branch and see if you are pre-approved. 

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Re: 736 score enough for CSP?

What were the 3 HPs for? Current lines, when opened, current limits? Also, any accounts opened in the last 2 years? If so, how many and what are the limits?

I would recommend as mentioned before - you're best bet is to go in-branch and have a banker see what you are possibly approved for.

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Re: 736 score enough for CSP?

Chase is weird sometimes.

2 days ago, I was checking their pre qual page and got a message that there were no offers for me at this time. Went to check my mail and saw a pre approved CSP offer. Used the invitation code online and got approved for 13.9k. My fico is at 727 (didn’t check with any credit bureaus).
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