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AMEX - Display CLI Link Workaround

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Re: AMEX - Display CLI Link Workaround

@Aim_High wrote:

Thanks for that work-around @stealth70!   Funny thing is I wasn't supposed to be eligible yet for a CLI on my Marriott card. When I did this, I got the link ... and also an approval! Smiley Very Happy *I will post more about that later in Approvals. 

By the way, there is another method to get the CLI Request without using that link. It was also discussed before. Go to Account Services > Payment and Credit Options > Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Benefits.  There is a Request CLI link under there also. 

Thanks Aim_High! Just to clarify for others, my method is via the check spending power link which then adds the CLI link directly to the main window under Account Management. It's great to know about the alternate method via Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Benefits - and was probably the one @bigseegar was referring to. Clicking that takes me to an older AMEX site layout area that still displays the Credit Management link and page, with the CLI link. I've gained so many valuable DPs from your posts. That's awesome, congrats on the CLI!!!

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Re: AMEX - Display CLI Link Workaround

@DONZI wrote:

..almost Déjà vu from a bit ago.


Smoke em if you got em. No telling how long this will work. I've offered them tons of legal docu typos and linkage issues unrelated to the CLI thing.. Still see a few from last year broken. Reminds me of MS Windows. lol

So it looks like they finally fixed it from showing up on the new AMEX site design as it's own direct CLI link under Account Management (after clicking Check Spending Power). However, the original way referenced by bigseegar and Aim_High (which redirects to the old Credit Management page on the old AMEX site design) still works. You can still get there by going to Account Services > Payment and Credit Options > Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) BenefitsThe Increase Line of Credit link will show up there.

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Re: AMEX - Display CLI Link Workaround

My second statement cuts tomorrow and that link does show up, im gonna be so tempted.

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