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AMEX Pre Qual

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AMEX Pre Qual

So finally after a year and 4 months of hard work finally pre-qualified for 3 Amex cards. The Gold Delta and 2 of the Hilton cards. Ideally those 3 don't really interest me at this time. But what if I apped for the Green or Gold what do you guys think my chances would be. Would maybe consider the Delta or the 95 AF Hilton did have some decent multiplers.


Experian: 678

I do have 4 accounts CO all 4 paid and settled and the last one just paid last week probably won't update until next month some time. These are all 4 years old.


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Re: AMEX Pre Qual

Hi and welcome to myFICO


Whats your other FICO scores and was the prequal on AmX portal? Also, just remember that it's not a guaranteed approval. 

Could you provide more data points?

* what other CCs do you have

*CLs and balances

*Individual and aggregate utilization

*Average age of accounts


DEC 2019: EX 816, TU 820, EQ 810
DEC 2018: EX 777, TU 783, EQ 799

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Re: AMEX Pre Qual


Ex 678

Trans 669

Eq 690

Bankcard FICO 8 690-706

Uti 23% $566 reporting as CO

AOOA 11yrs/ Average Age Since rebuild 11Mo 


Current Cards

NFCU Cash Rewards 6/900.  Opened 3/2020

Discover It 388/1850 Opened 2/2019

Cap One Walmart MC 0/400 Opened 11/2019

Cap One QS One 56/500 Opened 6/2018

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Re: AMEX Pre Qual

If you're interested in rolling the dice and possibly burning a HP, go for applying. 

Although AMEX Prequals used to be pretty solid, there have been some examples of that not being the case any longer (let alone applying for a card that doesn't show a prequal). Your scores are still a bit low and utilization a bit high. Couple that would AMEX's current skittishness and, in my opinion, apping for any card with them is a gamble for approval. 

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Re: AMEX Pre Qual

Yea, I think I will wait 2 more months until my scores are over 700. Goodwilled Creditine a few days ago and they just deleted my derog remarks. As well as waiting for First Premier to update paid and settled. Should raise my scores into the 700's easily.

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Re: AMEX Pre Qual

Amex is very clenched right now


There have been at least a few dps of people with even around 760s getting declined for cards they prequaled for on the amex tool, for many numerous reasons 1 person was denied for 1 closed card in the past 6 months id say wait for that CO to report paid and closed get above 700 then go for the Hilton if you want it dont even think about applying for any core revolvers right now you will 90% probably get declined, amex prequal tool seems pretty purely score driven, its also been reported its not taking recent inquiries or accounts into its factoring leading to denials

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Re: AMEX Pre Qual

Sounds good to me, I think I will just App for my second NFCU card in Sept. Will probably have alot higher limit and wait until things calm down with the whole pandemic thing. Then I will App for a Amex card. Was just really excited to actually get a pre-qual for the first time ever. 

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