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Amazon Prime Rewards, Uber card or none?

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Amazon Prime Rewards, Uber card or none?

Hi all,
I want to apply for and Amazon Prime Rewards or an Uber Card. I moved to the States 7 months ago, so I have a Very limited credit history. What do you think of my odds?

Transunion score: 712
Equifax: 720
Income: ~50k

Wells Fargo secured card with 6m of age that Will be graduated in 2 weeks.
AMEX cash magnet: 3m
Capital one Platinum: 1m
Have an autoloan, a secured loan and RentalKharma reports.

None of my cards have decent rewards, so I want to apply for one of those two. What do you think?
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Re: Amazon Prime Rewards, Uber card or none?

Well, of the 2 Amazon cards, the Visa rewards one is from Chase and is harder to get and the other one is from Synchrony which is easier. Even though your scores are good when you have less than 2 years of credit history it's very much YMMV.


When I first started out I had only a Capitol One card for 1.5 years and tried to strike out and see what else I could get. Only for Discover & BoA would only offer me their secured card and general denials from everyone else citing limited trade lines/revolving credit histroy and short AAoA. The secure card graduated after 1 year and after another year and 3 years total of revolving credit history and on time payments I appied for many cards and was accepted by most banks, except Amex. Those suckers were super picky.


From personal experience that the 2 to 3 years of revolving credit threshold with 2 to 3 cards is when most of the doors will open to you. The Synchrony Amazon card is much easier to get than the Chase one but as you have less than a year of credit history, limited trade lines and limited AAoA, it's very much YMMV. I would personally wait until you have had 12 months from your CapitolOne showing on your credit report before trying.


If anything go and try to pre qualify for the Discover secured, if they accept you and you graduate after a year, that and the Capitol One will really open doors for you.

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Re: Amazon Prime Rewards, Uber card or none?

Depends on your use, if you're a big Diner (4% cashback) than I would go for the Uber visa card.


You would have a better chance of getting the Amazon store card than the Chase Visa, they'll require at least 1 year of experience. 

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Re: Amazon Prime Rewards, Uber card or none?

Uber is a tough card.


Amazon prime store card is a great card.


Might want to see if you prequalify Venture (not Venture One).

If so, Savor or Savor One might be a better option.

Prequal for Venture means you would get a nice SL.



Rebuild started in 2014  -  $100k unsecured credit in 2017  -  $400k unsecured credit in 2022.


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Re: Amazon Prime Rewards, Uber card or none?

Id get at least a year worth of credit before applying for either.
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Re: Amazon Prime Rewards, Uber card or none?

Both Chase and Barclays can be pretty conservative when it comes to very limited histories. You could apply for the Amazon store card but then you won't be able to use it anywhere else. If you are looking for a general purpose card, I second the suggestion to hold out until your oldest card is past the 1 year mark. As a bonus, it will allow your newest accounts to age past the 6 month mark and reduce the impact of your current HPs on your score. 

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