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American Express - Declined

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Re: American Express - Declined

@taxi818 wrote:
Well get rid of the attorney. Paying off that debt dies not open you up to all your creditors. Basically and is saying. We can't go after you legally. But. If you ever want another relationship. You shoukd voluntarily pay the debt and we will consider it. Nothing guaranteed. They gave specific program just for people in your situation. As life does happen to everyone. I'm not about paying old debt either. But if j wanted a relationship with a financial institution again. I may consider it.

If his claim of the ordeal is real, he's not getting back in until that BK is aged or long gone, since Amex was forced loss in his filing, and he'll still have to cough up the $1200.

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Re: American Express - Declined

Funny thing is I mentioned if I lent someone money earlier and they never paid me back I would never lend them money again... Isn't karma a b-it-c-*...  I did loan someone money on the 27th of last month and he oh so promised that he would pay it back within a month.. It is the 29th today and he decided to go on a vacation without paying me back..  Guess who will never get lent money again...Yep you got it as his priorities were out of wack vacation over paying back his friend debt.  Easier spending money than repaying.  Mark one more reason to never lend friends money..  Well I might axe him as a friend now as well due to him thinking his vacation was more important than paying back a debt when he needed money last month to save his neck.  Ok a bit off subject, but still relative.  Wish I could write off the $500 dollars on taxes I lost as lenders do.. SMH

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Re: American Express - Declined

I had a friend that always asked for credit advice, but never liked the results, so they asked until they heard what they wanted to hear. No longer my friend, and their credit is still tanked.

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Re: American Express - Declined

Okay, time to stop. Thanks for understanding.
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