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Amex Questions

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Amex Questions

I've had the gold card since 2018. Carried PoT balances, but all paid down and PIF every month now.

I love my gold card and I want to add the platinum and green cards to my roster.


I've was denied for both this month based on a 2 month old SP Experian score that showed a higher overall total util.

It was 39% in early January - it's now 16%. The prequal tool doesn't seem to work, they just log me in to the credit cards page on my account.


How often does Amex update their internal credit scoring?


Current Ex as of 2/24/21:


16% (all 0% apr promo)

AAoA: 2.5 years

Inqs: 7 (3 in last year)

120 day late student loan payment from 2017


Credit Cards:

Misc Revolvers:

Current FICO8:

Wish List:

2017: $200 secured card
2021: $120,000+ total credit line
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Re: Amex Questions

They update monthly. Look at your score in your account. It'll show a date. For consideration of credit, give it a couple weeks after the score shows up as they often lag in using the new score.

 To check prequals, go to View All Cards, and scroll down to the horizontal listing of them. Pick what you're interested in and click Apply. It'll tell you if you're preapproved or not on the next screen. If you are and want the card, continue the application; otherwise, back out - no harm done.

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Re: Amex Questions

OP for what its worth, the prequal tool has never worked for me and I've got several cards with Amex. I never rely on those systems. Some folks have awesome luck with such tools, never I.

As mentioned, give it a little more time and try again.
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